Evolution Performance Driving School Information

Who Is the Evolution Performance Driving School

Evolution Performance Driving Schools are hands-on, foot to the floor autocross driving schools. With programs designed to improve the driving skills of 16 year old novices to multi-time Solo II National Champions. No matter what type of car you drive, Evolution has a program for you. Evolution instructors are national caliber drivers, with years of experience, wins, and national championships to their credit in all different types of cars. They teach the student driver the finer points of autocrossing, while taking years off the learning curve. Instructors will share with students proven race winning skills and experiences, while building upon the students pre-existing skills to form a solid foundation to improve upon after completion.

Founded in 1993 by Jim McKamey and Jean Kinser Dana, the Evolution Performance Driving School is the country's only driving school with a curriculum based on the simple motto of making "you"; a faster autocrosser. Unlike many programs, Evolution works with the students individually to build upon their current skill level, improving their confidence and competitiveness. Students and instructors will both ride and drive, enabling instantaneous feedback. If you are asking yourself the following questions about your driving, then Evolution is for you!

Evolution has a number of different programs designed to improve the skills of all drivers, both on road and track. Courses are held nationwide throughout the year. All Courses require students to provide their own vehicle, which must pass a basic safety inspection and be equipped with both driver and passenger seats.

PRICES OF EACH SCHOOL ARE SET BY THE HOST PERSON OR REGION. THE PRICE COVERS THEIR EXPENSES THEY HAVE TO MEET. THIS WILL VARY FROM LOCATION TO LOCATION BUT AVERAGE IS $250-$300 PER SCHOOL. Contact the person listed on the calendar page for pricing information and to sign up for the school.

Since our business provides a service that requires 3rd party involvement there are things that are beyond Evolution's control. Items such as shipping or regions / club help or site requirements. Weather can also play into timing/electrical issues. Please keep this in mind.

For General Inquiries, or to host a school please contact: Mike "Junior" Johnson (804) 380-0091 Office or email us at mike@epdsinc.com.