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Evolution Teen Driving School

Does your teenager know what to do in an dangerous driving condition? Would you like your teen to gain experience behind the wheel to keep them safe while driving? Do you want to give your son or daughter skills that could save their life behind the wheeel of a car?

Using your daily driven car, Evolution's staff of professional driving instructors help you and your teen control a car that has been pushed beyond its normal limits. We take students through a Police style training course that will educate them on the effects of understeer and oversteer, the importance of weight transfers, establishing smooth inputs, creating a plan of action, visualization, the art of anticipation, braking and reverse driving. All these techniques will ensure your teenage stays safe on the street in any circumstance.

NOTE: All of our instruction is hands on and in a controlled environment. This program is great for parents as well and Evolution encourages parents to take the class with their teen.

Evolution Phase 1 Driving School

This is the first step in autocross education where all students start. The daylong course builds students skills level via introducing new ideas to improve one's times. Students both ride and drive (using their own cars) with Evolution's trained, professional drivers (most of which are current or past National Solo Champions) to learn where they are fast and where they need to improve. Small student teacher ratio of insures quality instruction time.

Combined with race proven skills, concepts, and techniques, this course will improve the performance of all drivers on the both road and the track. Even experienced driver’s benefit from the Phase 1 course as a refresher for those things they’ve forgotten over the years or perhaps never learned. No matter what type of car you drive, the Phase 1 skills will improve your overall driving abilities.

Note: Two driver cars are welcome. Students will also be required to work course during part of the day.

Evolution Phase 2 Driving School

Building upon the skills learned in Phase 1, the Phase 2 Evolution Drivers School takes the driver into new areas of mental race preparation, allowing the Phase 1 skills to be applied as second nature. Various driving exercises are conducted throughout the day to improve the driver’s visual and mental imaging of the course, resulting in quicker lap times.

This course has proven itself to reinforce the importance of Phase 1 skills and transferring those skills to every autocross course you may encounter. The Phase 2 course design is not the same as used in Phase 1 and generally has higher speed sections.

Note: Phase 2 students must first have completed the Phase 1 Program. As in Phase 1, students use their own cars and two driver cars are welcome. As usual, students will also be required to work course during part of the day.

Evolution Challenge School

Have you taken Phase 1 and Phase 2? Have you got some autocrossing seat time under your belt and reached a place where shaving time on course seems to be impossible? Are you trying to keep up on your looking ahead and thinking ahead? The Challenge school is for you!

The Challenge school forces students to combine everything they have previously learned, but on a longer, quicker, national style, real world autocross course, complete with quick slaloms and hard "shut downs". Our goal is to drive home the Phase 1 and Phase 2 concepts and make sure you still are using them while increasing the length of time on course. In addition, you will receive instant feedback and one on one training, this time from a slightly different perspective. This school has different meaning for every person that takes it. Come with an open mind and the willingness to try things you normally would have left at home.

We want everyone to drive at 10/10ths and we will encourage it!!!

Evolution Dial-In "Test and Tune"

Have you ever taken your first run of the day and the car was "undriveable, "all over the place", or pushed like a pig"? Wanna know why? Come to the Dial-In school for the answer.

In this two day event, we give you the tools to make your car handle on every type of track, every type of surface and every weather condition. On day one, you'll learn what modifications are the highest priorities and how best to work within the rules. During a Saturday evening seminar, we go over in-depth the theory of how tires and suspensions work (Chassis Dynamics) and what various adjustments will do (Race Engineering).

On day two, we take a practical and methodical approach to testing to determine optimal settings and to get a feel for what each adjustment does to your car. Specific exercises are available for use including a skid pad, slalom, skid oval and full test course. We have scales for corner-weighting, pyrometers for taking tire temps and alignment tools. Our team of experts will guide you through the process until you are able to do all of it on your own. At the end of the day, you'll know exactly how to adjust your car before you even take your first run on a given course in a given condition. From there, you'll be able to fine tune the setup to get every last tenth out of your setup during competition. These skills are applicable to any car and will serve you well throughout your racing career.

Note: Students will be responsible for working on their own cars and should bring their own alternate parts and tools. Best results are obtained from students whose driving has become consistent. Also, Dial-In days are available for both large groups of people or individuals in conjunction with private driving schools. Pricing will vary.

Evolution Data-Video School

So your driving is now consistently quick, but you just can’t seem to figure where you’re losing time...what now?

This two day program will teach you touse data acquisition to improve your driving. We equip each student’s car with telemetry and video-data units and record each run both days. On Saturday evening, we will hold a seminar teaching students how to analyze the video and data using analysis software. The software allows students the ability to play synchronized video and data comparing things such as speed, lateral and longitudinal g-loads, split times and a host of OBD2 information. Upon the completion of the Sunday school, the students will have the ability to analyze, in detail, how their school went with the software.

Note: This program requires an addition purchase price of $150. The price includes the comparison software and an SD card for recording the video and data. Students need to provide their own laptop for the Saturday night seminar.

Evolution Advantage Tour Drivers School

This program is designed to help those who are new to the SCCA National Solos scene or who are looking to move up in the standings at National events. This school runs on the Friday before the Tire Rack SCCA Match Tour, Tire Rack SCCA Championship Tours and the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals. This is a "rapid fire" program that takes place on the event's test and tune course and is a scaled down version of Evolutions Phase 1 Drivers School. Classes are limited to eighteen students and students typically receive a minimum of 12 runs.

Evolution "Hole Shot" ProSolo Drivers School

Start your Pro Solo experience out right on the Friday before your next SCCA Pro!

The Evo Hole Shot Drivers School is designed to help those who are relatively new to the Pro Solo scene. This school explains the entire Pro Solo experience: where to grid, when to grid, what to do between runs, how to stage and of course the "Christmas Tree". In this program, you will actually be able to take practice starts with an Evolution instructor by your side; allowing the student to gain seat time and become more comfortable with the Pro Solo experience. The beauty of this program is it's only $40!

Note: This program is open to just 24 students.